5 tips for making your day go smooth

Choose a focal point: Determine where you will stand and where your guests will be seated. Frame the space with anything from florals to a DIY arch. If you need some help, get in touch with a vendor like All Things Goods, who can help your vision come to life.

Be mindful of light: Consider the time of day that you will have your ceremony and where the shade will be. Be mindful of whether or not it has even lighting. Your photos will look so much better if the entire wedding party is in the same kind of light (everyone in the shade or everyone in the sun).

Hire a day-of coordinator: Yes, you are probably capable of doing many things on your own especially during the planning process but your day-of coordinator is going to help talk you through the tiny logistics that you might not have time for especially when it comes to the actual day. It is your wedding day after all and your only responsibility should be to say "I do." Let yourself enjoy your day and let someone else worry about where the cupcake station should be.

Rent a restroom: For a group under 20 people, one bathroom is probably fine but anything more and you may want to look into renting a portable restroom or two. There are restroom trailer rentals available for events just like this. It's a little more luxurious than a typical porta-potty. A restroom rental will ensure that all your guests are comfortable and no one is missing their jam out on the dance floor.

Have a plan B in case of inclement weather: If you live in the midwest, you know that weather can change on a dime. We can hope for the best weather possible, but it isn't guaranteed. It's best to prepare for the worst case scenario by having a tent nearby or large enough space to shelter guests.

If you want to go the extra mile to ensure good weather, you could try a southern tradition of burying a bottle of whiskey at the site of the wedding exactly one month before it takes place. The tradition says that if you do this exactly one month before your wedding, there will be no rain on your special day and it will be bring good luck in your marriage. [And if the tradition is wrong, you can dig it up and drink your sorrows—just kidding, that's why you have Plan B]