You are engaged—congrats! But now what?

Choosing a photographer is one item you need to check off your wedding planning to-do list. There are so many talented photographers in the industry and it can be tough to choose, so here are a few tips to help you make the best decision for you.

  1. Take a moment to celebrate your engagement. Yes, you have to time to pause! This is a special moment and you should enjoy it.
  2. When looking for a wedding photographer, make sure you like their editing style. Look at a variety of work by scanning their social media and website. Are you more drawn to a warm edit, light and airy, a dramatic bold color, or something else? For example, my editing style is more of a natural timeless edit with a hint of warmth. If you prefer a cooler tone with high contrast, I'm probably not your girl—but if you like what you see, I'd love to chat. :)
  3. Set up a consultation meeting. Make sure you talk to your potential photographer on the phone or in person BEFORE you book them. This person will be with you longer than anyone else on your wedding day. Make sure you vibe with them and feel comfortable.
  4. Ask about their wedding packages. If you are in need of engagement photos too, do they offer an engagement session in their wedding package? How many hours of coverage will you need? An average wedding day can likely be covered in 8 hours, but it is dependent on travel between spaces, reception activities, and other factors. Ask if they customize a package for your needs. For an example, you can view my wedding packages here.
  5. Does your photographer fit your venue? If you are getting married in the winter or in a space that doesn't get a lot of natural light, make sure your photographer is comfortable with flash or has the proper gear for low light scenarios. If you are getting married outdoors in an open area with no shade, make sure your photographer is comfortable shooting in harsh light.